On Saturday, expressive Mercury in your secretive eighth house will oppose illusory Neptune. Give things time to develop at a natural pace. Let go of the control on Sunday, Aquarius, and just let life flow. As expansive Jupiter clashes with the Sun, trying to orchestrate everything will quickly grow exhausting. The only adult you can be responsible for is yourself. Pull yourself out of the morass with some intellectually stimulating activities. Attend a lecture or go for a walk while listening to an audiobook from an inspiring author.

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Daily Horoscope

Staying too focused on the past makes you miss out on what is being offered to you in the moment. Are you letting yesterday come in the way of tomorrow? Be aware of how your mind is sabotaging your happiness. Remember, you deserve to experience joy, harmony and abundance in every moment.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Make peace, not war, Libra. Conscious coupling is on the cards today. Power struggles may be a theme for some of you. The gentler you are with your words, the better your chances of getting exactly what you want.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 8th September to Saturday 14th September 2019

Your relationship status: wild and free. You do you, Sagittarius , as long as it is bringing you mental peace and happiness. For coupled archers, this is a time to withstand the stormy weather together and get to the other side looking radiant. This moment of victory will pave the way for a relationship landmark.

Again, how you want to celebrate your big moment is entirely up to you. Oh, hello talk of the town! The most reclusive Saturnians will find themselves accepting social invites.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope, September 8

You can have deeply nourishing conversations by sticking to your tribe. The more you focus on raising your own vibrations, the more alluring you become to other people. The conflicts surrounding you at this time are stopping you from seeing the love. There is chaos and deception, and possibly self sabotaging behavior. What is that you are running away from, Aquarius?

Why are you so afraid? In the game of love, winning often equals losing.

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Take this day to spend some time with yourself, trying to understand where all this destructive energy is coming from. This is the only way to stay Zen. Some of you may be experiencing disharmony in your relationships. Do you feel unsupported by the other? Aries Horoscope Today: October 8, Taurus Horoscope Today: October 8, Cosmic tip: Talk things out instead of imagining the worst.

Gemini Horoscope Today: October 8, Cosmic tip: Settling for less than what you deserve could be a cause of unrest.

Sabian Symbol

Cancer Horoscope Today: October 8, Cosmic tip: Free yourself from the pain. Leo Horoscope Today: October 8, Cosmic tip: You make your own happily ever after. Virgo Horoscope Today: October 8, Cosmic tip: Take yourself out on a date.